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Commercial Office Buildings

For our business customers record offers the range of reliable, high quality and environmentally friendly automatic doors and entrances expected in a commercial environment along with the style that sets leaders apart. From high quality Australian made revolving doors, automatic sliding doors and swing doors, and custom designed curved sliding doors you can make sure your building has impact.

Diamond Series

A fully frameless all glass revolving door. Designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Diamond Series revolving is the result of record’s experience in the areas of revolving door technology and structural glass engineering. This door was developed in response to popular demand for the most frameless revolving door possible. Its clean and uncluttered appearance belies the complication of its design.



Fullview Series

An exceptional all purpose entrance door with an extensive range of optional features.

The most popular revolving door available on the Australian market for over 25 years, the record Fullview Series is an exceptional all purpose entrance door. With an extensive range of optional features, it is suitable for any building type and many different applications.

As the ‘Fullview’ Series name suggests, the door is designed to be transparent and modern without the cluttered look of conventional revolving doors that require metal columns at the central axis or fully framed rotating door wings. 


record C 127

An infloor mounted automatic swing door with a maximum 400kg capacity

record STA 22

record's heavy duty operator suitable for very large doors wings with total weight in excess of 400kg