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Healthcare - automatic doors for hygienic environments

The healthcare environment is one where needs are wide and varied and entrance solutions must be up to the challenge. record uk’s  automatic door solutions are available to meet the demands of any environment from the need for easy cleaning or hermetic sealing to safe, accessible entry for the disabled or elderly. When you want efficient, reliable, energy saving  and hard-working doors there’s still room for good looks and smooth operation.

record STA 20

The benchmark for automatic sliding door design and the basis of record's suite of automatic door products. 

record DFA 127

Transom mounted automatic swing door operator with inbuilt safety features

record CLEAN K1-A / K2-A

The basic models in the record CLEAN series are the K1, a single leaf sliding door, and K2, with two leaves. A large range of materials are available for the door leaf core and surface finishes, as well as the design of the door frames and sealing system, enabling a wide field of applications.

K21 Series

The K21 is a two wing revolving door, that can convert to an automatic sliding door at the flick of a switch.