Premium Door Entrances

record RST 20

Curved automatic sliding door operator, to bring a touch of class to a building entrance.

record PST 20

This is an entrance of originality, with extraordinary looks. The angle is freely selectable between 90° and 180° and can be applied inside or outside. With obtuse angles, this type of door is often fitted to operate over a large radius, and is also widely used in place of curved doors.

record S 16 SU

Our under floor systems give architects more space to add a charming touch. In doing so, our developers have emphasized the fact that the drive is not a conventional one taken from the series and simply modified accordingly, but that it has to comply with the demands of a highly specific application. A claim which is relevant not only in terms of functional safety, but also keeps wear and tear to a minimum and emphasizes the need for regular maintenance.

record CURVED Special (R 61)

The record CURVED Special (R 61 SU) is an under floor drive for round and curved sliding doors. Compared to conventional drive concepts, there are no restrictions of the radius of the curve. Doors can also be curved inwards and outwards.