About record - Your global partner for entrance solutions

The agta record Group is among the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. Group headquarters are located in Fehraltorf, Switzerland, where the Company produces and supplies high-quality products to its global markets via 42 subsidiaries and 200 agencies.

When H.H.Bunzl established the Company in 1953, he could not have imagined that it would soon grow into one of the world’s leading providers of door automation systems. Today, agta record employs more than 2,500 people worldwide, developing and producing high quality, innovative solutions for the widest imaginable range of applications.

The product range includes sliding, folding, swing and revolving doors, airtight and hygienic doors, fire and smoke resistant doors, one-way door systems, high-speed gates for industrial applications and safety doors for use in escape and rescue routes. agta record also manufactures telescopic, round and angled sliding doors, as well as burglar resistant models. Door system peripherals are all record in-house developments, and manufactured exclusively by record in Switzerland.

Record Automatic Doors - (Australia) has been developed by acquisition and integration of successful companies in the Australian automatic door market;

  • AGP Door Systems -  August 2014, agta record acquired selected assets and employees related to the automatic pedestrian doors business of AGP, its distributor in Australia, and established record Automated Doors (Australia) in Sydney. Prime market focus for this business is revolving doors and security lanes.
  • Doorways Pty Ltd - November 2015, agta record acquired the business including all assets and employees  of Doorways, Australasia’s leading Distributor of Automatic Doors. The company is based in Melbourne and this provides record with the ideal position of having successful businesses in both Australia’s major cities and with Doorways national distribution network immediately places the company in a commanding National position.
  • Advanced Automatic Door Solutions Pty Ltd - November 2015 agta record acquired the business including all assets and employees  of Advanced (AADS) who are a successful NSW service and distribution partner of Doorways.

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