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839 Collins Street, Docklands

Ideally positioned at the end of Collins Street, overlooking the Yarra River, 839 Collins Street is the second Melbourne office for ANZ Bank, neighbouring it’s head office at 833 Collins Street. 

Developed by Lendlease and designed by Denton Corker Marshall, the 20 storey building features an expansive ground floor lobby with an impressive frameless glass assembly supported by cantilevered glass fins and stainless steel spider fittings. 

On two faces of this facade sit two 3600mm diameter record Diamond Series revolving doors with linished stainless steel cladding and 100 x 50 RHS sidewall mounted bollards for slow speed and emergency stop buttons. 

100 Mount Street, North Sydney

In addition to the two Diamond Series revolving doors to the main lobby entrance at 100 Mount Street, record C 127 automatic swing door operators were also installed to the two adjacent frameless glass swing doors. 

With a concealed floor mounted design, these swing doors are fully automated, to ensure disabled access requirements are met, without detracting from the streamlined frameless glass appearance desired by the project architects, Architectus. The operators were installed with custom made stainless steel floor trims which sit flush with the floor surface and allows the flooring contractor to provide a removable stone inlay, necessary for servicing access, to match the surrounding floor finishes. 

Freestanding stainless steel clad bollards on either side were installed for the mounting of necessary green mushroom head push buttons, for normal hours activation, card external reader, for after hours access, and an intercom system. The doors are secured via electromagnetic locks mounted to the transom member above with full height back to back D handles ensuring the doors can be operated manually in the event of a power failure.  

100 Mount Street, North Sydney

For the main entrance to 100 Mount Street North Sydney, designed by Architectus in association with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, two record Diamond Series revolving doors were selected to complement the full height frameless glass assemblies of this striking 8 metre high lobby design. 

These frameless glass doors are 3600mm diameter and 2850mm high with low iron glazing used to maximise clarity. To match the finish of the transom structure and column claddings, a custom bead blasted stainless steel finish was used for the door rails, glass edge trims and even the floor separation ring of the revolving doors.

The drive motors are mounted in floor pits formed in the concrete slab during construction, accessible via full removable floor mats recessed within. The door control devices are mounted on freestanding stainless steel bollards, also used by the controls for the adjacent DDA swing doors, powered by record C 127 floor mounted automatic door operators. 

100 Mount Street, North Sydney

100 Mount Street is a 34 storey commercial office building located in the heart of North Sydney, owned by Dexus. Built by Laing O'Rourke and designed by Architectus, the striking ground floor lobby, at 8 metres tall, features large frameless glass assemblies to maximise natural lighting levels, an imposingly large LED screen for the display of artwork and a combination of automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors supplied and installed by record Automatic Doors. 

To the Spring Street entrance of the lobby, two automatic bi-parting sliding door systems were installed with 19mm frameless glass door panels weighing 200kg each. 

To provide the lowest possible pelmet heights for automatic doors of this weight, record installed four STA 20 DUO single sliding operators which were then synchronised to work together as two automatic bi-parting door operators.

31 Dalmore Drive, Scoresby

Our proud association with the rapidly expanding Caribbean Park development in Scoresby continues with Stage 3 at 31 Dalmore Drive and 36 Lakeview Drive. 

Each site has two 2700mm diameter record Diamond Series revolving doors, installed to the lobby entrances at either end of the two buildings.

Low iron glass was used for increased clarity and to match the surrounding frameless glass assemblies, installed by IND Windows. The drive systems were mounted to the underside of the suspended slab, with access for ongoing service and maintenance from the basement car park. 

In addition to the four revolving doors, record also supply and installed C 127 floor mounted automatic swing door operators to the adjacent DDA swing doors. 

259 George Street, end of trip

The record C 127 concealed automatic swing door operator is ideal for when you don’t want your automatic swing door entrance to look like an automatic swing door entrance. This is no more evident than this frameless glass swing door installed to the end of trip facilities at Memocorp’s flagship 259 George Street Sydney commercial building. 

The C 127 direct pivot automatic operator is usually mounted in the floor but for this entrance to the HERS bathroom at 259 George Street Sydney, the operator is mounted within the ceiling space. To ensure the pivot door is as frameless as possible, a special top patch fitting was custom designed and manufactured in record’s Sydney factory, in lieu of the standard full top rail.

In this application the door is operated via and card reader outside and a ceiling mounted activation sensor inside. The door is secured by an electromagnetic lock. 

44 Market Street, Sydney

For the York Street lobby entrance of the Dexus owned 26 storey commercial office building at 44 Market Street Sydney, a 4000mm diameter record Diamond Series revolving door was installed as part of significant building refurbishment works undertaken by Growthbuilt and designed by Wood Bagot. 

Installing a glass roof revolving door to an existing building is always challenging and this required record’s experienced management and installation teams to work closely with Growthbuilt to ensure the drive system could be mounted to the underside of the structural slab.

Due to existing obstructions the revolving door needed to be rotated 5 degrees to ensure it could fit without require major modification works to other building services. To minimise the external presence of the revolving door entrance, it was placed completely within the facade glazing line, which combined with the full frameless glass design of the Diamond Series, results in a minimalistic but highly functional automatic door entrance design.

Anzac Memorial, Sydney

The Centenary Project at the Anzac Memorial was initiated as part of the 100th anniversary of the First World War to fulfil two main objectives - completing the original architectural vision, which had at the time been hindered as a result of the Great Depression, as well as add new education, interpretation and civic spaces underground. The project was delivered by Built and designed by Johnson Pilton Walker in collaboration with the NSW Government Architect’s office.

record Automatic Doors supplied and installation five STA 20 automatic sliding door operators, supporting frameless glass door panels.

At the centre of these extension works is the Hall of Service, a civic space that architecturally and artistically mirrors the Hall of Silence, while recognising more than a century of service by Australian servicemen and servicewoman. It functions as a greeting and orientation space for the public, including tour groups and school children; and as a venue for ceremonies and functions, flowing onto exhibition galleries and education facilities.

Within this space a record STA 20 bi-parting automatic sliding door was installed to the entrance from the ground floor of the Anzac Memorial. 

To the side of the Hall of Service is the Centenary Exhibition gallery, illustrating the evolution of Australian military service, with a focus on the personal stories of NSW service. To the entrance foyer of this space record installed four STA 20 single sliding automatic doors within two airlocks designed to minimise sound transmission between these areas. 

Morris Moor

The $100 million transformation of Moorabbin’s Philip Morris manufacturing site into new premium office spaces, modern eateries and contemporary amenities involved the re-purposing of eight existing buildings, across a six hectare site. In recognition of its location and past significance to the local community, it was named “Morris Moor”.

Designed by Genton Architecture and built by BMF Construction, the main lobby entrance to the most prominent the commercial office building in the development at 1 Cochranes Road features two pairs of aluminium framed pivot doors,  fully automated via record C 127 concealed floor mounted swing door operators, syncronised to work together upon a signal from ceiling mounted radar activation sensors, during normal business hours.

For protection of the operator, stainless steel floor plates, in a custom black powdercoat finish were fitted. For door wing protection, active infrared presence sensors mounted to the top rail on both sides of each door. 

Oran Park Library & Community Hub

At the heart of the new suburban township of Oran Park, south west of Sydney, is the Oran Park Library and Community Hub, designed by Brewster Hjorth Architects and built by Adco Constructions. Located on the main Civic Square, adjacent to the new council administration building, it has been dubbed the “community’s lounge room” and will take on greater importance as the township continues its expansion.

record Automatic Doors supplied and installed four bi-parting and two single sliding STA 21 automatic door operators, with frameless toughened glass door wings, to the three airlock entrances of the centre.

Meriton Suites Carter Street

Meriton Suites Carter Street, positioned only moments from the sporting and entertainment facilities of Sydney’s Olympic Park precinct, features open plan designer suites tailored for large groups and families, with a premium level of luxury design finishes and fixtures throughout. 

For the main lobby entrance a record Fullview Series door was selected in a linished stainless steel finish and an extended 600mm high canopy to accommodate the “Meriton Suites” logo being laser cut out of the canopy fascia cladding and illuminated from behind to provide a striking entrance feature at night. 

Working with Meriton and the glazing contractor, record was able to modify the design of its curved glass sidewall framing to allow the door to fit seamlessly with the faceted design of the surrounding lobby glazing.


Casselden, Melbourne

The $50 million refurbishment of ISPT’s Grade A commercial tower Casselden included a complete ground floor lobby renewal to provide a more modern appearance and improved access for tenants and visitors. 
An impressive 11 metre high frameless glass assembly provides a striking entry focal point and to ensure large groups of people can enter and exit the building at the same time, whilst still maintaining an entrance airlock, two very large 4200mm diameter Fullview revolving doors were selected in a mirror stainless steel finish.

To maximise the transparency of this entrance, and blend in with the surrounding glazing, the Fullview revolving doors were specially engineered with a mild steel structural framework within the door canopy, rather than the standard welded aluminium, along with larger 100 SHS steel support posts at each entrance. This allowed the doors to be utilised by the glazing contractor to support the dead load weight of their structural glass fins, avoiding the requirement for a separate portal framework or transom beam that would detract from the frameless appearance of the entrance. 

Further customisation of the standard door design was also undertaken with the curved glass sidewalls recessed glazed into the floor (rather than an exposed bottom rail), with a silicon butt joint in the middle to maximise the door transparency. 


2 Market Street, Sydney

The redevelopment of the Grade A commercial building 2 Market Street Sydney, completed in 2007 was a culmination of four phases including a new six storey commercial building and upgraded lobby entrances to both the Market Street and Kent Street frontages. 

record Fullview Series revolving doors were selected by the architects for both of these entrances. At Kent Street an imposing 4200mm diameter 4 wing revolving door, in a linished stainless steel finish, was installed to maximise pedestrian traffic flow. At 4190mm high, the revolving door spans the full height of the lobby entrance with custom designed frosted glass ceiling panels, illuminated from within the canopy, providing a striking entrance feature.

For the Market Street entrance, a smaller 3000mm 3 wing diameter Fullview Series door, in a powdercoat finish, was installed with the standard aluminium fixed ceiling panels and LED spot lighting within the centre rotating ceiling. 

201 Kent Street, Sydney

The much anticipated foyer refurbishment of Investa’s 201 Kent Street commercial office building, designed by Architectus, was completed in November 2017 and features automatic revolving, sliding and swing door operators by record Automatic Doors. 

The frameless glass sliding door entrance has an STA 20 automatic operator, mounted to steel portal structure, clad in Rimex bead blasted stainless steel with 15mm clear toughened glass door panels, provided by the facade contractor Jamesco. 

The operator is connected to the building’s remote security system and fire trip, with battery backup provided as standard to meet egress requirements under the BCA.

In addition to this sliding door, record installed a 4200mm diameter Fullview revolving door and an in floor mounted swing door operator for after hours and disabled access requirements at the other end of the lobby. 

100 Miller Street, North Sydney

Enfold Projects in conjunction with Mirvac, the building owner, have delivered an iconic End of Trip Facility at 101 Miller St, North Sydney. This stunning facility has just made pounding the pavement and riding to work a little easier.

record Automatic Doors were engaged to carry out the installation of three STA 21  automatic door operators. Working closely with Enfold, record assisted in ensuring the project was delivered on time and an aesthetically pleasing installation was achieved.  

The Bike entry consisted of a single sliding STA 21 operator with an aluminium door and frame. A custom designed screen was installed to visually enhance this entry as well as provide ventilation and security.

Male and female entries included STA 21 operators installed within the ceiling space to create a complete frameless look without compromising security or access.

Northpoint, North Sydney

For the Pacific Highway entrance to redeveloped Northpoint Tower in North Sydney, a record Automatic Doors was engaged to supply and install a Fullview Series revolving door in a black powdercoat finish.

To provide additional free egress in an emergency, an automatic wind back door wing was provided, with UPS battery backup to ensure operation in the event of a power failure. This unique windback feature can be activated automatically via a Fire Trip or BMS signal, or via a secondary key switch mounted on the internal door mullion (pictured below). 

In addition to this revolving door entrance, record Automatic Doors was also selected to provide a range of TSA 22 telescopic and STA 20 single sliding doors,12 in total, to various entries throughout the complex, including the food court, Woolworths, Westpac and end of trip facilities. 

1 Melbourne Quarter - Level 2 Entrance

When you walk up the two level spiral staircase at One Melbourne Quarter you are greeted by a beautiful sky garden oasis as well as a record Diamond Series revolving door at the main entrance to the Arup Melbourne office.

With much lower pedestrian traffic flows, a manual revolving door was deemed a practical and cost effective solution to providing an airlocked entrance. As the internal half of the revolving door glass roof is very close to the ceiling finishes, a white film was applied to minimise future cleaning requirements. 

Caribbean Park Stage 2

A world class office precinct in Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs, Caribbean Park has been designed, developed, built and managed by the Spooner family, who have been dedicated in transforming the park for three generations. 

Awarded the Best Business Park as part of the Property Council Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards for 2018, the latest building in this development, 26 Lake Caribbean Boulevard, offers cutting edge smart office design nestled within beautifully landscape gardens.
For the main entries, record Automatic Doors was engaged to supply and install four Diamond Series revolving doors to provide an air locked entry to help in the meeting of energy efficiency target. For ease of installation and ongoing service and maintenance requirements the drive motors for these doors were mounted to the underside of the concrete slab with access from the carpark level below.

To minimise visual disruption the standard freestanding bollards used for the mounting of the slow speed and emergency stop buttons were deleted with the slow speed button not fitted externally, after consultation with the building certifier, and the emergency stop and slow speed buttons mounted to wall cladding within the lobby next to each revolving door.  

For the adjacent frameless glass swing doors at each entrance, necessary for meeting disable access and emergency egress requirements, record supplied and installed their C 127 concealed automatic swing door operator, mounted within the floor setdown with a linished stainless steel cover plate for operator access. 

After completion of this stage of the Caribbean Park development, record Automatic Doors now has a total of 10 revolving doors across the first two stages as well as the cafe and function centre within the precinct.

One Melbourne Quarter

Located opposite Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s Dockland’s precinct, Melbourne Quarter, developed and built by Lendlease, will combine commerce, community and expansive green public spaces to deliver Melbourne’s smartest and most sustainable business address. 

The first stage, One Melbourne Quarter, is a 13 storey commercial office tower designed by Denton Corker Marshall and is the new Victorian headquarters of Lendlease, in addition to Arup and AMP, housing up to 13,000 workers. 

For the main lobby entries off Collins Street, Diamond Series revolving doors, 4000mm diameter, were selected by DCM due to their unique full frameless design and ability to mount the drive motors to the underside of the suspended slab for ease of installation for future servicing requirements. 

St Vincent's Private Hospital, Fitzroy

Perfect for narrow passageways, the record FTA 20 offers fast opening and closing of automatic bi-folding doors within the entrance opening, an advantage over conventional sliding and swing door entries that need adjacent space to operate.

For this entrance at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, record Automatic Doors was engaged to replace the existing manual swing doors, to provide a more secure entry for the staff and residents.

360 Collins Street - plaza entrance

When the team at Bates Smart in Melbourne wanted record Diamond Series revolving doors to the plaza entry of 360 Collins Street, to match the doors installed to the main entry, but weren’t able to because of existing floor slab restrictions, we set to work designing a new revolving door that would be as frameless as possible, while still have the drive motor mounted above in a conventional canopy design. 

The result is record’s latest revolving door model, the Hybrid Series, which features frameless glass sidewalls recessed into the floor, like the Diamond Series, but with a solid canopy on top, like the Fullview Series.

Without standard entry posts, freestanding bollards are required at each entry for the slow speed and emergency stop buttons.  

Forensic Medicine & Coroners Court Complex, Lidcombe

The NSW Forensic Medicine & Coroners Court will be relocated in early 2019 from its existing home in the inner city suburb of Glebe to Lidcombe, in Sydney’s western suburbs. 

The new facility, an NSW Government partnership between NSW Health and NSW Justice was designed by Silver Thomas Hanley in conjunction with Cox Architecture, will be much larger and feature spacious support facilities, counseling rooms and private waiting areas to provide a more comfortable environment for grieving families. 

For the main entrance record was engaged by the facade contractor, Grange Glass & Aluminium, to supply and install the revolving door, as well as the adjacent automatic swing door operator. 

record’s Hybrid Series revolving door was selected in a black powdercoat finish with the frameless glass sidewall design complementing the striking 3 storey high spider fitting supported glass assembly spanning the full height of the building. 

20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

Positioned on prime Wellington waterfront real estate, 20 Customhouse Quay is one of the most unique and visually striking commercial office developments in New Zealand. 

Responding to requirements for a seismically advanced building, Studio Pacific Architecture adopted a modern diagrid structural system which has been flexed to create a subtle faceted curve on the building’s main facade. 

To help achieve a 5 Star Green Star rating, as well as protect the lobby for the cold and strong wind gusts experienced in Wellington, a revolving door to the main entrance was deemed essential. After consultation with building owners, Newcrest, a Hybrid Series revolving door from record was selected in a 3500mm diameter to provide generous segment spaces necessary for handling peak morning and lunch time traffic flows. 

Dangrove Art Storage Facility

Dangrove is a specialised art storage and operations facility, purpose built for the  White Rabbit Gallery, owners of one the worlds most impressive private collections of contemporary Chinese art. Designed by Tzannes and delivered by Infinity Constructions, the imposing space is a departure from traditional warehouse design, with the ability to not only store and display artwork in climate controlled conditions, but also host private functions.

record Automatic Doors was engaged to supply and install three C 127 in floor mounted automatic swing door operators to the main ground floor entry as well as to pivot doors in the Level 1 space. With polished concrete floors throughout, special care was required to set out and install the stainless steel floor box enclosures prior to the concrete pours. Stainless steel cover plates were used for operator access, complementing the stark design aesthetic. 

For one of the automatic swing doors, installed next to a series of frameless manual doors, specially designed pivot patch plates were manufactured to house the pivot strap of the C 127 in the most frameless design possible, negating the requirement for full length bottom rails. 

Rail Operations Centre

The Rail Operations Centre in Alexandria is a NSW Government Initiative, designed by Smart Design Studio in collaboration with Jacobs and delivered by AW Edwards, to modernise and centralise the management of the Sydney train network in an effort to minimise delays and improve information flow. The state-of-the-art control centre is housed in a four storey architecturally designed red brick building with striking arches that symbolically reflect historical railway bridges and the industrial heritage of the Alexandria area.

For the main lobby entrance, setback from this brick façade, a record Diamond Series revolving door was installed with its full frameless glass design and recessed position within the glazing line allowing the door to provide the necessary energy efficiency benefits of an airlocked entrance, without detracting from the bold design theme of the surrounding finishes.

The revolving door has cladding trims in charcoal pearl powdercoat aluminium to match the surrounding mullion framing and a floor mat in black matting and aluminium framing, removable to provide access to the drive system mounted within a floor pit formed in the concrete slab.

Being a NSW Government project, record Automatic Doors was proud to be able provide a revolving door manufactured in the local area at its Seven Hills factory.

George Place, Sydney

The redevelopment of George Place, in the heart of the Sydney CBD, created a super lobby, combining the ground floor levels of 345 and 363 George Street, as well as 24 York Street. The landmark project was designed by Fender Katsalidis Mirams and delivered by FDC, with record Automatic Doors supplying the revolving doors to the George Street entries, as well as automatic sliding doors to other entries.  

The Diamond Series revolving doors, 3200mm diameter x 3400mm high, were selected by the architects due to their full frameless glass design allowing them to blend in with the modular framed construction of the surrounding glass assembly and external awning. With the doors positioned directly below the structural beam of this framework, the glass roofs were supplied in low iron laminated glass, with a white dot frit pattern on the lower glass face and a solid white frit on the upper face.

Maintaining the multi-colour lighting theme of the other lobby finishes to the wall and ceiling, LED strip lighting was installed to the edges of the glass roofs to provide coloured accents to the edges with aluminium capping in a medium bronze powdercoat aluminium finish.

The existing concrete slabs were not able to accommodate the drive motors within the floor setdown so record mounted these to the underside, connected via extended drive shafts and accessible via the plant rooms below.

The Platform at Royal Randwick

The Platforms at Royal Randwick is the outdoor viewing area on Level 3 of the Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand however in high wind conditions, the existing automatic swing doors providing access to this area were proving to be problematic so record Automatic Doors was engaged to provide an alternative door solution. 

The narrow passageway of this particular door opening and the internal floor levels adjacent meant upgrading to an automatic sliding door would not possible so instead a new bi-folding door entrance was designed to provide fast acting door automatic operation, whilst minimising disruption to the surrounding glass facade and internal floor finishes. 

To support the record FTA 20 operator it is bolted through the existing glass highlights at the head while the side framing is clamped onto the existing sidelight glazing with black aluminium plates. 

Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre

For the main entrance of the $37 million redevelopment of the Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre, the in house design team at Stockland were keen for a large automatic sliding door entrance to maximise the clear opening space leading into the centre’s casual dining precinct. 

record Automatic Doors was able to offer an imposing telescopic bi-parting sliding door entrance, utilising it’s heavy duty TSA 22 operator which is housed within a 200mm high aluminium pelmet. 

With a door height of 3350mm and clear passage width of 5900mm, aluminium framed door panels with 11.52mm bandit proof glass were used with door panels weighing in excess of 150kg each (600kg total).  
To ensure consistently smooth door operation, even high winds, the leading door wings are supported at the bottom edge by a recessed in-floor track. To provide the building manager with greater flexibility to reduce the clear opening width during cold and windy weather conditions a summer/winter mode setting was also provided with activation via a locally mounted key switch.

The Squire's Landing, Circular Quay

Located at the northern end of the Overseas Passenger Terminal in The Rocks district, The Squire’s Landing is Sydney’s latest microbrewery, offering expansive180 degree, front row views of Sydney Harbour.  

For the entrance to the outdoor eating area, record Automatic Doors was engaged to supply and install an STA 20 automatic sliding door operator with a 15mm frameless glass door wing. Working within the confines of the existing terminal site, the operator was positioned directly below the structural steel framework of the access bridge above. 

Grosvenor Place

The upgrade of the existing foyer at Grosvenor Place was many years in the  making and automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors, from record Automatic Doors, feature extensively to the various entry points of the building. For the rear entrance off Harrington Street, a freestanding curved sliding door entrance was specially designed and built using mirror stainless steel cladding to the door structure, canopy fascia, roof and sidewalls with a record RST 20 automatic curved sliding door operator supporting curved frameless glass bi-parting door panels. The ceiling panels are fitted with LED lights to provide a unique “starlight” feature, to match the five revolving doors installed to the other entries.