Case Studies – 388 George Street, Sydney

Originally constructed in 1976, 388 George Street Sydney is a 28 storey A-Grade commercial office tower on the corner King Street in the heart of the Sydney CBD. In its 44 year history the building has undertaken two extensive lobby refurbishments. The first was in 1998 when record’s former Australian business, AGP Door Systems, installed its first generation glass roof revolving doors, called Crystal Series, and the second was completed by Multiplex this year where the architects FJMT included record’s second generation glass roof revolving door, Diamond Series, for the main entrance.

The Diamond Series revolving doors on this project are truly two of a kind, pushing the limits of frameless glass design in a revolving door to limits never even considered before. The design requirement from FJMT was for these frameless glass revolving doors to also assist in supporting the dead load weight of the surrounding frameless glass design. A concept never before even considered.

To achieve this record Automatic Doors worked with the façade contractor Permasteelisa to take our standard Diamond Series design and make it bigger and bolder. The result was Permasteelisa installing the curved glass sidewalls and roof panels in triple laminated low iron laminated glass with SGP interlayers and a structural recessed floor track.

The rest of the door design, from the frameless glass centre carousel and floor pit mounted drive motors were as per the standard Diamond design. The door was clad in Rimex Quartz Champagne stainless steel.

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