Case Studies – 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane

One One One Eagle Street is a 54 floor storey, 6 star Green Star rated office building designed by Cox Rayner architects and located in the heart of Brisbane CBD’s riverfront precinct.

For the two main lobby entrances, record Automatic Doors customed designed and built the most frameless of curved sliding door entries possible with the door canopies bolted to the underside of steel beam structure supporting the surrounding glazing system.

The door canopy fascia, roof and ceiling panels are clad in bead blasted black stainless steel sheeting with the activation and safety sensors flush mounted to the underside of the ceiling finishes so as not to detract from the sleek canopy design.

The curved glass sidewalls are recess glazed in the floor and canopy with low iron glass used for maximum transparency. An RST 20 curved automatic sliding door operator is installed to the outside entrance only, with low iron frameless glass door wings.

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