record RST 20

Curved automatic sliding door operator, to bring a touch of class to a building entrance.

record RST 20
record RST 20 record RST 20

Curved sliding doors are ideally suited to lending any façade a real touch of style. They provide the unsurpassed elegance of a revolving door, but are less complex more flexible and cost effective with regard to looks, as well as providing disable access and emergency egress requirements. This type of door can be integrated into virtually any curved space, and be curved inwards or outwards (concave or convex). 

With record's ability to custom design and build a freestanding structure to support the curved operator, just like a revolving door, we are able to work with architects and clients to provide them with a striking entrance feature that complements the surrounding facade. 

The framework of record's RST 20 curved operator is the same as our linear STA 20 model, enabling us to provide a wide range of models for the market, all of which are based on the same platform, leading to  quicker assembly, high reliability and with lower service and maintenance costs.