Case Studies – Zurich Tower, North Sydney - Main Lobby

A part of the growth and revitalisation of the North Sydney business district, Zurich Tower is a 29 storey A-grade commercial office tower with expansive views of Sydney Harbour. Designed by FJMT and built by Roberts Pizzarotti, the main entrance features a record Diamond Series revolving door flanked by two frameless glass accessible swing doors powered by floor mounted record C 127 automatic operators.

At 2700mm diameter by 2940mm high, the revolving door made from low iron glass with aluminium door rails and glass edge trims in champagne gold powder coat aluminium to match the surrounding portal frame supporting the frameless glass assembly above. The drive motor is mounted within a floor pit with servicing access via removable floor panels.

In addition to its work on the main entrance, record also installed two STA 20 sliding door operators to the Level 29 sky terrace.

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