Case Studies – One Farrer Place, Sydney

The lobby upgrade to One Farrer Place in Sydney involved replacing the existing 20 year old canopy style revolving doors with new fully frameless record Diamond Series revolving doors as preferred by the architects Johnson Pilton Walker.  

Such an upgrade presented a number of unique challenges. Firstly, the size and complexity of the surrounding cable truss supported frameless glass assembly meant this could not be modified however the small size of the existing doors would not be sufficient for the current occupancy demands of the two commercial office towers. Therefore, the new revolving doors needed to be offset completely within the building to maximise their diameter, and therefore maximum capacity, as much as possible.

To achieve this record designed the revolving doors with extended glass roofs with a square front face to align with the frameless glass above, along with new glass return glazing, one side of which pivots to allow for cleaning access between the two doors.

Secondly, with a glass roof design the drive motors needed to be mounted to the underside of the existing structural slab so the builder, FDC, needed to core hole through this slab to allow the drive shaft to pass through, but also relocate the existing building services directly below the slab that would have interfered with the mounting of the drive system.

In addition to the four revolving doors on both sides of the lobby foyer, record also supplied and installed four DFA 127 automatic swing door operators that, like the revolving door drive motor, were mounted to the underside of the suspended slab to allow for the most frameless entrance design possible.

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