Case Studies – Santos Place, Brisbane

Twelve years after its original construction, the lobby of Santos Place at 32 Turbot Street Brisbane, undertook a significant refurbishment designed by a+ design group and delivered by Built.

Record was engaged very early in the development process by the architects to design its most bespoke Hybrid revolving door design yet. A 200mm high canopy extension in gold colour stainless steel was developed, providing a striking accentuation that was then carried through to the adjacent swing door transom member as well as the sliding door entrance at the other end of the lobby.

To make this revolving door really stand out and complement this custom canopy design, halo lighting was installed along the full perimeter of the door.

With the revolving door replacing an existing sliding door entrance an automatic wind back door wing, with battery backup, was required to ensure the door could, in an emergency, quickly park with one door wing opening outwards to provide additional free egress from the building.

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