News – 1/06/2017 Hybrid Series Revolving DOor

record Australia's newest revolving door is a combination of features from our Fullview and Diamond Series revolving doors. As a result, we've named this new door the Hybrid Series

Welcome to the record Hybrid Series. It's been 12 years since we introduced a new style of revolving door to the Australian market, the all glass Diamond Series, so we are very excited to share photos of the first installation of our latest door style which takes frameless aspects from that door and melds them with the standard canopy design of our Fullview Series doors.

The result is a revolving door that provides the convenience of having the drive motor and control system mounted in the canopy, but without the added framing bulk of most conventional revolving door designs. This has been achieved by deleting the supports posts at both entries and instead increasing the thickness of the curved glass sidewalls to provide lateral restraint for the overhead canopy.

Just like our Diamond Series revolving door was the result of our determination to custom build a door to make the design requirements of the client, in that case a fully frameless revolving door that is still unrivalled 12 years later, the Hybrid Series has been created by architects challenging us to create something bold and different.

In this case the team at Bates Smart in Melbourne initially preferred to have the Diamond Series installed to the plaza entry of the refurbished 360 Collins Street Melbourne, to match the two doors we installed to the main Collins Street entrance. Existing site restrictions however made the mounting of the drive system in the floor not possible and so the impetus to create a more frameless revolving door compromise was born.

The Hybrid Series revolving door was proudly designed and manufactured by record Automatic Doors in Australia

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