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Case Studies – Exchange Tower, Perth

At Exchange Tower (2 The Esplanade) a 40 storey skyscraper originally constructed in 1991 a progressive floor by floor refurbishment has culminated in a major revamp of the ground floor plaza, undertaken by CDI Group. With a very short time deadline being set to achieve completion prior to Christmas, record was able to push the manufacture of the door components through our Sydney factory and sourcing Australian made glass to complete the works in under 8 weeks.

Considering the size of the building and number of occupants a 3600mm diameter door was selected custom designed to slot within the existing white cladded portal frameless shaping the entrance. The maximise the door size at the entrance the revolving door was positioned completely within the foyer space with the glass roof stopping short and butting against the underside of the portal which forms part of the door roof.

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