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Case Studies – Northpoint, North Sydney

For the Pacific Highway entrance to redeveloped Northpoint Tower in North Sydney, a record Automatic Doors was engaged to supply and install a Fullview Series revolving door in a black powdercoat finish.

To provide additional free egress in an emergency, an automatic wind back door wing was provided, with UPS battery backup to ensure operation in the event of a power failure. This unique windback feature can be activated automatically via a Fire Trip or BMS signal, or via a secondary key switch mounted on the internal door mullion (pictured below). 

In addition to this revolving door entrance, record Automatic Doors was also selected to provide a range of TSA 22 telescopic and STA 20 single sliding doors,12 in total, to various entries throughout the complex, including the food court, Woolworths, Westpac and end of trip facilities. 

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The following record products are installed on this project