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Case Studies – Casselden, Melbourne

The $50 million refurbishment of ISPT’s Grade A commercial tower Casselden included a complete ground floor lobby renewal to provide a more modern appearance and improved access for tenants and visitors. 
An impressive 11 metre high frameless glass assembly provides a striking entry focal point and to ensure large groups of people can enter and exit the building at the same time, whilst still maintaining an entrance airlock, two very large 4200mm diameter Fullview revolving doors were selected in a mirror stainless steel finish.

To maximise the transparency of this entrance, and blend in with the surrounding glazing, the Fullview revolving doors were specially engineered with a mild steel structural framework within the door canopy, rather than the standard welded aluminium, along with larger 100 SHS steel support posts at each entrance. This allowed the doors to be utilised by the glazing contractor to support the dead load weight of their structural glass fins, avoiding the requirement for a separate portal framework or transom beam that would detract from the frameless appearance of the entrance. 

Further customisation of the standard door design was also undertaken with the curved glass sidewalls recessed glazed into the floor (rather than an exposed bottom rail), with a silicon butt joint in the middle to maximise the door transparency. 


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