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Case Studies – 44 Market Street, Sydney

For the York Street lobby entrance of the Dexus owned 26 storey commercial office building at 44 Market Street Sydney, a 4000mm diameter record Diamond Series revolving door was installed as part of significant building refurbishment works undertaken by Growthbuilt and designed by Wood Bagot. 

Installing a glass roof revolving door to an existing building is always challenging and this required record’s experienced management and installation teams to work closely with Growthbuilt to ensure the drive system could be mounted to the underside of the structural slab.

Due to existing obstructions the revolving door needed to be rotated 5 degrees to ensure it could fit without require major modification works to other building services. To minimise the external presence of the revolving door entrance, it was placed completely within the facade glazing line, which combined with the full frameless glass design of the Diamond Series, results in a minimalistic but highly functional automatic door entrance design.

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