Quality Touchless Automatic Self Opening Doors Adelaide

Touchless Automatic Doors Adelaide

We’re the leading manufacturers of touchless sliding doors Adelaide has to offer. Operating in 17 countries with over 200 distributors, we’re the premium choice for self opening doors in Adelaide. We produce a wide range of touchless automatic swing and sliding doors, including residential sliding doors, disabled access automatic doors and adaptive automatic doors Adelaide. Our product range is split into 4 main types; sliding, folding, swing and revolving doors. All can be customised and fully installed into your existing space by record. If your building or business needs an automatic door, record can supply, install and maintain it with experience.

Automatic Swing & Sliding Doors

Touchless automatic sliding doors not only look great but they’re also safer. Automatic swing and sliding doors can more effectively control foot traffic, with sensors on adaptive sliding doors allowing entry and exit with ease. Automatic doors are also far more energy-efficient than they were even a decade ago. Our adaptive sliding doors with double glazed or dual pane glass create effective insulation for keeping spaces warm or cool, depending on the season. A touchless automatic sliding door is also greatly compact, and costumes less space within the room by not opening into it. This leaves you with more room to work with when laying out your lobby or entrance.

Aged Care & Disabled Access Doors Adelaide

A touchless automatic sliding door can be a great addition to any Adelaide building, but certain industries will enjoy greater benefits. Many people are unable to open doors themselves in aged care or assisted living facilities so an automatic self opening door is a must. An assisted living sliding door is often mandated for the benefits it provides in safety. Record is proud to offer a wide range of disabled access automatic sliding doors and assisted living automatic doors Adelaide wide. An adaptive automatic door is also more hygienic, with residents not having to touch the same surface. So, when choosing an automatic door for aged care or other such facilities, choose the reliability and security of a record door. Speak with the record team to learn more about the automatic doors for aged care Adelaide residents require.

Choose record for your self opening doors

Record provides high-quality products to a global market, yet always maintains a personal touch with every one of its customers and installations. Record technicians are trained to install and maintain all Record doors. Record has established itself as the leading provider of touchless sliding doors Adelaide and provides the residential sliding doors Adelaide apartment complexes choose to keep their buildings safe and looking great. If you’re in the market for automatic sliding doors or touchless automatic swing doors Adelaide has to offer, make sure to call us today or submit a quote online. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process of choosing, fitting and installing your new door.