Quality Touchless Automatic Self Opening Doors Perth

Touchless Automatic Doors Perth

We offer the leading range of touchless automatic doors Perth has to offer. Our extensive range includes touchless automatic swing and sliding doors, adaptive sliding doors and adaptive automatic doors for any type of premises. Medical, commercial, and residential buildings can all benefit from record doors. They can be tailored to your individual needs and fitted to the space you require. Make an impression with automatic swing doors or ease foot traffic congestion with automatic sliding doors. All record doors are fitted by our experienced technicians to ensure optimum performance. If you’d like to learn more about our product range, please get in touch with our team who will answer any questions you might have.

Automatic Swing & Sliding Doors

Touchless automatic sliding doors not only look great but they’re safer as well. At record, we can provide the type of quality touchless sliding doors Perth prefers. They can be a lifesaver when it comes to evacuating a building in case of fire or other disasters. A self opening swing or sliding door can act as a fire exit door and be integrated into the fire system of the building to ensure that you can easily evacuate while complying with fire door regulations. In case of an emergency, the door can be set to stay open to make it more efficient to leave. Your record touchless automatic swing or sliding doors Perth will also consume less energy with low-energy function settings providing a cost-effective solution.

Aged Care & Disabled Access Doors Perth

Assisted living automatic doors are a necessary inclusion to Perth aged care living facilities and similar establishments. Often mandated by law due to the effectiveness of the service they provide, assisted living automatic doors can improve the safety of any doorway. Assisted living sliding doors can limit the risk of injury or damage as the door opening provides little chance of someone getting caught in the door. An adaptive sliding door Perth will ensure with smart sensors that the door is opened and closed in a timely manner. Disabled access automatic sliding doors are an essential service for those who cannot open or struggle to open doors themselves. Speak with the record team to learn more about the automatic doors for aged care perth residents require.

Choose record for your self opening doors

With our premium range of self opening doors Perth, it’s little wonder why Record doors are the most highly regarded automatic door business Perth has to offer. We install and provide maintenance for all our doors. We operate in 17 countries and over 200 locations but always maintain a personal touch when it comes to customer service and relations. Our product range includes sliding, folding, swing and revolving doors as well as speciality doors such as airtight hygienic doors. So if you’re looking to install touchless commercial or residential sliding doors in Perth, then call today or submit a quote online and our friendly staff will guide you through the process of choosing, fitting and installing your new door.