record automatische Türsysteme en

record CLEAN K1-A -dB – automatic sound protection door

record CLEAN K1-A F

The K system moist room door is based upon the one-winged (K1) and two-winged (K2) door models, respectively the corresponding automated doors.

record CLEAN K1-A Pb

With full area lead lining in the door leaf, the inside of the frame sections and the frame, comprehensive protection against electron, X-ray or gamma radiation is provided. The lead equivalents of our radiation protection doors can be selected freely in 0.5 mm steps.

record CLEAN K1-A T30 RS

Fire protection sliding door (fire protection closure – FSC) with certification according to DIN 4102, EN 1634, Belgian special standard and smoke protection testing according to DIN 18095 for structural work entrances up to W x H 1 510 x 2 135 mm in light weight drywalls according to DIN 4102, pt. 4