record STA 21

Automatic opening of light to medium weight linear sliding doors.

Based on the record system 20, the record STA 21 has been modified to suit a lower budget whilst still meeting the requirements of light to medium doors in heavy duty applications. 

Utilising the same Swiss engineered intelligence system enables the interactive exchange of information between the control system and the various activation and safety devices. The majority of the record STA 21 components are shared with the system 20, which has a proven track record in global markets, but fitted with smaller, lighter electrical motors and a specially modified PLC.

record STA 21
record STA 21 record STA 21 record STA 21


The absence of noise is the most striking feature of our automatic doors and is achieved with a combination of:

  • acoustically decoupled, hardened running tracks (replaceable)
  • running carriage with hardened nylon wheels with sealed bearings and compensation for structural tolerance and adjustable attachment to door leaves
  • motor and guide pulleys with sealed bearings
  • low momentum toothed belt drive for minimum wear and low acoustic impact






  • interactive communication between components to monitor and enhance performance, safety and security
  • malfunction potential is greatly reduced by the drive monitoring ability
  • self learning processor with active automatic adjustment for optimum operation is the heart of the drive system which provides ongoing quality performance
  • record BDE-D mode switch, with graphic display, enhanced by background lighting with menu-LED navigation, full diagnostics and programming capability





Carefully designed housing and covers in quality Australian Aluminium provide the aesthetically pleasing appearance of our systems which provide both standard and low profile options with the same 100 % duty rated performance. The elegant design lines allow our door systems to be integrated harmoniously into a building, or become a style feature.

record door leaf profiles are available in aluminium framed or frameless glass.





Key Features

  • standard 160 mm and low profile 110 mm drive units
  • efficient with smooth, low noise operation
  • failsafe electric motor brake locking with battery backup
  • self monitoring system with diagnostics
  • low noise, long life, replaceable track system
  • height adjustable trolleys with anti-rise and long wear wheels
  • matching profiles for standard and telescopic units