record Bi-Fold Exit Lanes

A flexible and effective secured exit lane system suitable for airports, commercial office buildings and instituional facilities. 

record Bi-Fold Exit Lanes
record Bi-Fold Exit Lanes record Bi-Fold Exit Lanes

record's former Australian business, AGP Door Systems, designed and developed its own range of highly successful exit lanes, with walk back protection, for airports.  These have been in widespread use for more than a decade and have provided an extremely reliable and highly secure method of allowing passengers to leave the “airside” or sterile area whilst eliminating the possibility of returning without going through the screening process.

Utilising high quality and high speed record FTA 20 bi-fold automatic doors, combined with a custom desined sensor system,  record Automatic Doors is able to accurately track the passage of all users and can immediately detect any attempt to walk in the wrong direction and most importantly, perform the necessary actions to prevent a security breach. The record Bi-Fold exit lane system designed to work completely without guard supervision at the exit point and this can provide very substantial cost savings to airlines and airport operators.