Custom Series

Bespoke revolving door designs with cladded sidewalls and unique lighting features.

As the undisputed leading Australian manufacturer of revolving doors for over 25 years, record Automatic Doors has developed a reputation for building high quality bespoke entrance systems that meets both a clients specific practical requirements and architectural preferences. BIn an industry pushing off the shelf imported products, record stands alone as a local purveyor of revolving doors that are uniquely designed for every project. We like to be challenged to push the boundaries of what a revolving door entrance can become and the record Custom Series epitomises this ethos. 

Custom Series
Custom Series Custom Series

record Australia’s team of experienced tradespeople and managers can work with a client to deliver on a large number of innovative options and engineering initiatives, including full or partial cladded sidewalls, extended canopy heights and unique ceiling lighting features. With this experience there are very few design concepts outside the realm of possibility.  

The Custom Series shares the same drive system  and carousel framing design as record’s Fullview Series door, allowing for door diameters exceeding 5000mm, carousel heights of 4000mm and overall heights well beyond. It is not intended to blend in with the surrounding architectural finishes, it’s a prominent entrance feature, creating a striking first impression.