record STA 21A – accessible sliding door operator

Based on the record system 20, the record STA 21A has been modified to suit a lower budget whilst still meeting the requirements of light to medium doors for assisted living applications. 

Utilising the same Swiss engineered intelligence system enables the interactive exchange of information between the control system and the various activation and safety devices.

The key STA 21 componentry is shared with the STA 21A to provide the same reliability and functionality as the core product, however varied cosmetic styling and minor variations are incorporated in this system to provide a high quality system with commercial capability to the assisted living market. Door capacities are 2 x 80Kg or 1 x 120kg

Naturally, backup battery facility and all types of sensors and accessories as used with commercial installations are full interfaceable. Failsafe locking is available in motor brake or electro-mechanical form with the full drive system, while in the adaptive drive, motor brake locking is standard in all installations.

record STA 21A – accessible sliding door operator