Hermetically Sealing Doors

record CLEAN

The record CLEAN series of hermetically sealing sliding doors are custom designed and built entrance systems, in both automatic and manual variants, suitable for meeting a wide range of requirements in clean room environments.

record CLEAN K1-A -dB

The door core of our record CLEAN K1-A -dB is noise-absorbent and surrounded by rubber seals. Available in sound-proofing stages of 34 dB, 37 dB and 42 dB. The surface can be designed with high-grade steel or freely designable HPL. A combination of the materials is also possible.

record CLEAN K1-A Pb

With full area lead lining in the door leaf, the inside of the frame sections and the frame, comprehensive protection against electron, X-ray or gamma radiation is provided. The lead equivalents of our radiation protection doors can be selected freely in 0.5 mm steps.

record CLEAN K1-A F

The K system moist room door is based upon the one-winged (K1) and two-winged (K2) door models, respectively the corresponding automated doors.

record CLEAN K1-A T30 RS

Fire protection sliding door (fire protection closure – FSC) with certification according to DIN 4102, EN 1634, Belgian special standard and smoke protection testing according to DIN 18095 for structural work entrances up to W x H 1 510 x 2 135 mm in light weight drywalls according to DIN 4102, pt. 4

record CLEAN D1 ST

The record CLEAN D ST is a hinged swing door system made entirely from stainless steel with no visible joints. This makes the door easily cleanable and suitable for rooms where a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is required. Being manufactured completely from stainless steel means the doors provide practical functionality, modern design and attractive finish as well as an easy clean surface.