Swing Doors

record DFA 127

Transom mounted automatic swing door operator with inbuilt safety features.

The record DFA 127 is a universal drive system for the automation of swing doors. It is characterised by sophisticated technology, compact design and especially record’s legendary smoothness of operation. Its universal qualities are the result of its electro-mechanical construction and modular design.

When the door drive motor operates, it simultaneously tensions a spring integrated in the drive housing. The shutting movement uses energy stored in the spring, with motor assisance as required. Optimum power deployment is achieved in the entire door swing area.

record C 127

The record C 127 is an in floor mounted automatic swing door operator that allows building designer to provide effective disabled access through a swing door, without needing a transom mounted operators that can detract from the appearance of a building entrance.

record C 127 X SU OFFSET - underfloor swing door drive

A well-established principle in the development of our products is their striking smoothness as well as the best quality and performance spectrum.

With the improved record C 127 X SU OFFSET underfloor drive, a swing door drive has been designed that operates even under full load and emits no more than a quiet hiss.

Thus, the new swing door drive enables, on the one hand, an almost noiseless door movement and, on the other hand, the complex requirements for underfloor drives can be met without any problems.