record DFA 127

Transom mounted automatic swing door operator with inbuilt safety features.

The record DFA 127 is a universal drive system for the automation of swing doors. It is characterised by sophisticated technology, compact design and especially record’s legendary smoothness of operation. Its universal qualities are the result of its electro-mechanical construction and modular design.

When the door drive motor operates, it simultaneously tensions a spring integrated in the drive housing. The shutting movement uses energy stored in the spring, with motor assisance as required. Optimum power deployment is achieved in the entire door swing area.

record DFA 127

Operating Modes:

  • Standard: 
    Automatic, Hold Open, Manual
  • Optional Modes with Switch Upgrade: 
    Locked, Exit only, Locked operation






Power Settings:

Configurable in FULL POWER and LOW ENERGY to meet installation requirements. The strength of the FULL POWER version can move doors of several hundred kilos in weight, whereas the LOW ENERGY version is limited to 1.6 joules of kinetic energy to enable it to operate safely without special sensors.


Auto reverse / Push and Go / Emergency stop / 2 leaf operation / Interlock




record DFA 127 is tested and fully compliant to European Standard DIN EN 16005 (durability and safety). Through ILAC (international laboratory accreditation cooperation) arrangement, this testing meets all NATA guidelines and hence meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS5007-2007.