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Case Studies – White Bay Cruise Terminal

An historic part of Sydney’s working port, with sweeping harbour views from the Harbour Bridge to the the Anzac Bridge, was reinvented in 2013 to create the White Bay Cruise Terminal. To pay homage to this maritime heritage the design of the building incorporates the existing structure from the gantry system originally used for a containerised shipping service in the 1960’s.

Products from record Automatic Doors were used exclusively throughout the terminal, including 2 x Fullview revolving doors, 11 x STA 20 automatic sliding doors and a total of 18 x DFA 127 automatic swing doors, which included 8 to the main entry.

In this area the operators work in pairs with the right hand door opening before, and closing after, the left hand door. During normal operation on shipping days, the swing doors open via a signal from photo electric sensors mounted on free standing bollards, allowing the doors to open early to accommodate the large traffic flows experienced by the terminal.

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