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Case Studies – Melbourne Law School

With the existing twin automatic sliding door entries providing minimal respite from the strong cold winds from University Square across the road, The University of Melbourne determined that revolving doors needed to installed to provide a much needed airlock and help the building maintain a consistent temperature regarding of the external weather conditions. 

With the assistance of record, FPPV Architecture designed the new upgrade entries where the existing external automatic sliding door, and the surrounding frameless glass assembly, would be maintained with the revolving doors positioned further back within the lobby, underneath the existing portal frame structure. 

Diameters of 3600mm for the West entry and 3000mm for the East entry were provided to work within the constraints of the existing entries and position of a nearby staircase. 

As the revolving doors cannot provide necessary disabled access, after hours access or emergency egress requirements, new frameless glass swing doors were also provided by record, automated with record DFA 127 operators. To provide additional free egress in an emergency, automatic wind back door wings were provided to each door, with UPS battery backup to ensure operation in the event of a power failure. 

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