Case Studies – 200 George Street, Sydney

On the 22nd June 2016, a new 37 storey premium grade landmark building, designed by architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp, was opened with two record Diamond Series revolving doors at the main lobby entrance.

Considered one of Sydney’s finest commercial properties, 200 George Street has an organic and natural aesthetic, derived from an emphasis on using more traditional building materials such as timber and sandstone, combined with an innovative curtain wall facade incorporating automated timber blinds that adjust to suit the position of the sun. This has made it one of Australia’s most technologically advanced and sustainable properties, boasting a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Buildings Council of Australia. 

For the ground floor lobby, maintaining an airlock into the foyer was considered very important and to complement the bold design of the main entry timber clad feature awning, the Diamond Series frameless glass roof door from record Automatic Doors was selected. 

To create a striking and elegant door entrance, an extended height of 3650mm was designed with special toughened laminated glass required to the roof to meet the requirements of AS1288.

Working with Empire Glass, record Automatic Doors also supplied and installed three C 127 in floor mounted automatic operators to the main and side entries. The doors are secured by an electromagnetic lock mounted to the underside of a slimline stainless steel transom member above the door. For access to the operator, a stainless steel access panel was screw fixed into the C127’s in floor mounted enclosure. The pivot doors feature linished stainless steel top and bottom door rails which are necessary for connections to the operator spindle at the bottom of the door and the mag lock at the head.


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