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Case Studies – Anzac Memorial, Sydney

The Centenary Project at the Anzac Memorial was initiated as part of the 100th anniversary of the First World War to fulfil two main objectives - completing the original architectural vision, which had at the time been hindered as a result of the Great Depression, as well as add new education, interpretation and civic spaces underground. The project was delivered by Built and designed by Johnson Pilton Walker in collaboration with the NSW Government Architect’s office.

record Automatic Doors supplied and installation five STA 20 automatic sliding door operators, supporting frameless glass door panels.

At the centre of these extension works is the Hall of Service, a civic space that architecturally and artistically mirrors the Hall of Silence, while recognising more than a century of service by Australian servicemen and servicewoman. It functions as a greeting and orientation space for the public, including tour groups and school children; and as a venue for ceremonies and functions, flowing onto exhibition galleries and education facilities.

Within this space a record STA 20 bi-parting automatic sliding door was installed to the entrance from the ground floor of the Anzac Memorial. 

To the side of the Hall of Service is the Centenary Exhibition gallery, illustrating the evolution of Australian military service, with a focus on the personal stories of NSW service. To the entrance foyer of this space record installed four STA 20 single sliding automatic doors within two airlocks designed to minimise sound transmission between these areas.

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