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Hybrid Series

The practical benefits of a canopy style revolving door, with the aesthetic benefits of a frameless glass carousel design.

The Hybrid Series is a revolving door that combines the frameless glass sidewall design of our Diamond Series, with the conventional canopy design of our Fullview Series revolving doors. 

The result is a revolving door that provides the convenience of having the drive motor and control system mounted in the canopy, but without the added framing bulk of most conventional revolving door designs. This has been achieved by deleting the supports posts at both entries and increasing the thickness of the curved toughened glass sidewalls to provide lateral restraint for the overhead canopy. 

The Hybrid Series design was created in consultation with Bates Smart architects for the plaza entry of 360 Collins Street Melbourne, where existing site restrictions prevented the mounting of the drive motor under the slab. The result is a unique and striking door entrance that is flexible in design with many of the optional extras from our Fullview door available to meet architectural and functional requirements.