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Sliding Doors

record STA 20

The benchmark for automatic sliding door design and the basis of record's suite of automatic door products. 

record STA 21au

Automatic opening of light to medium weight linear sliding doors

record STA 22

record's heavy duty operator suitable for very large doors wings with total weight in excess of 400kg.

record TOS 20

With normal sliding doors, fixed side panels block up to two thirds of the passageway. With the record TOS total opening system, however, this area remains fully accessible. The TOS is not only suitable for emergency situations, but also ideal for loading bulky items. Most common applications of the record TOS are in vehicle salesrooms, shopping centres, department stores, furniture outlets, and buildings with high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

record TSA 20

Utilising the same track and components of the record System 20 automatic door operator, the TSA 20 telescopic door operator features and additional track and belt system to provide twice as many sliding door panels, for a wider clear entrance opening that standard sliding doors.

record TSA 22

Just as inviting and reliable as the traditional sliding doors, but more impressive in construction and operation are our two or four leaf telescopic sliding doors. In comparison with the traditional sliding door, they take up about 30 % less space thanks to their narrower leaves, and can cover especially large opening widths of up to 4000 mm. The maximum door weights range from 2 x 170 kg for single, and 4 x 130 kg for telescopic sliding doors on both sides.