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Underfloor Mounted Operators

Providing the ultimate in architectural flexibility, record's range of automatic door systems with operators mounted either within the floor or to the underside of a suspended slab, allow building designers to provide more frameless entrances.

An infloor mounted automatic swing door with a maximum 400kg capacity

The record R 61 SU is an under floor curved automatic sliding door operator that allows building designers to provide attractive and functional sliding door entrances without needing bulky overhead pelmets of conventional automatic doors. 

A unique and striking automatic entrance system, the S 16 underfloor mounted sliding door operator has all the features of a conventional operator, without the overhead pelmet. 

A glass roof revolving door with a stainless steel cross brace structure, offering larger sizes, deadload support of highlight glazing and other customisable design options. 

A fully frameless all glass revolving door. Designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Diamond Series revolving is the result of record’s experience in the areas of revolving door technology and structural glass engineering. This door was developed in response to popular demand for the most frameless revolving door possible. Its clean and uncluttered appearance belies the complication of its design.