Revolving Doors

The Australian market leader in revolving doors since 1995, record Automatic Doors has a diverse range of door styles to suit both practical and aesthetic requirements for commercial buildings. We offer revolving doors that are Australian designed and manufactured in our Sydney factory as well as doors from our German subsidiary, Blasi. Some of the key features of our doors include:

  • heavy duty direct drive motor system for consistent, quiet and reliable operation for many years, rather than a rubber belt drive system that can wear easily. 
  • full range of conceal infrared and contact safety sensors. No rubber bumper style sensors that can detract from the appearance of the door. 
  • frameless glass centre carousel design, suitable for very large diameters and door heights. 
  • standard downlights in the centre rotating ceiling, plus a range of unique custom lighting options.
  • structural silicon seals to all glazing. No rubber seals which can fade over time.
  • all cladding pieces folded over to hide exposed edges
Diamond Series

A fully frameless all glass revolving door. Designed and manufactured in Australia.

The Diamond Series revolving is the result of record’s experience in the areas of revolving door technology and structural glass engineering. This door was developed in response to popular demand for the most frameless revolving door possible. Its clean and uncluttered appearance belies the complication of its design.



Fullview Series

An exceptional all purpose entrance door with an extensive range of optional features.

The most popular revolving door available on the Australian market for over 25 years, the record Fullview Series is an exceptional all purpose entrance door. With an extensive range of optional features, it is suitable for any building type and many different applications.

As the ‘Fullview’ Series name suggests, the door is designed to be transparent and modern without the cluttered look of conventional revolving doors that require metal columns at the central axis or fully framed rotating door wings. 


Hybrid Series

The practical benefits of a canopy style revolving door, with the aesthetic benefits of a frameless glass carousel design.

The Hybrid Series is a revolving door that combines the frameless glass sidewall design of our Diamond Series, with the conventional canopy design of our Fullview Series revolving doors. 

The result is a revolving door that provides the convenience of having the drive motor and control system mounted in the canopy, but without the added framing bulk of most conventional revolving door designs. This has been achieved by deleting the supports posts at both entries and increasing the thickness of the curved toughened glass sidewalls to provide lateral restraint for the overhead canopy. 


Custom Series

Bespoke revolving door designs with cladded sidewalls and unique lighting features.

As the undisputed leading Australian manufacturer of revolving doors for over 25 years, record Automatic Doors has developed a reputation for building high quality bespoke entrance systems that meets both a clients specific practical requirements and architectural preferences. BIn an industry pushing off the shelf imported products, record stands alone as a local purveyor of revolving doors that are uniquely designed for every project. We like to be challenged to push the boundaries of what a revolving door entrance can become and the record Custom Series epitomises this ethos. 

Crystal Series

A glass roof revolving door with a stainless steel cross brace structure, offering larger sizes, deadload support of highlight glazing and other customisable design options. 

K21 Series

The K21 is a two wing revolving door, that can convert to an automatic sliding door at the flick of a switch.